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Online Admission Portal - 2022-2023


STEP 1: Instructions for Registration

Dear Student, please read below instructions before doing registration

(1) Please fill up below details in the registration form and make sure to enter correctly.

(2) The email ID and date of birth that you enter here are called registered email ID and mobile number.

(3) User name will be registered email Id and password will be date of birth.

(4) The same login credentials will be sent your registered email ID and mobile number(SMS) after selecting Register in the form. Use same login credentials for admission login.

(5) The same email ID cannot be reused for creating another account.

(6) Registered email ID cannot change.(This mail id will be in use throughout your academics).

(7)For software related issues please send an email to For critical issues: Mr. Kiran +91 6366849292 (9AM to 5PM)

(8) How to contact the KLE Pharmacy Admission Department - (For Admission, Finance, Documents, Accommodation) KLE Pharmacy contact Ph No: 0831 2471399

STEP 2: Instructions for Admission

Dear student, Please read following instructions before doing admission.

(1) Use same login credentials which has been sent to you by SMS to your registered mobile number and to your registered email Id. Same login credentials will be displayed at the login page. You can copy the user name and password to login.

(2) Red asterisk indicate mandatory fields, if mandatory fields are not entered, it will not allow you to go further.

(3) If you have done admission half suppose due to power shut down etc you can login with same credentials and continue the same.

(4) Student Photo should be passport size, clear and the face should be at least 80% of the photo area, Cap, Sunglasses, Garden background, Whatsapp photos are not accepted (Uploaded photo will be used official purpose throughout your academics).

(5) After entering admission details, compulsory click on submit button otherwise it will not save.

(6) After submit, System will generate automatic temporary university seat number (e.g USN- KB0120003-T).

(7) Please make sure to note down this USN. College admission department will ask you for further process.

(8) After completing data entry and submit, please download Print admission acknowledgement.

(9)After completing the data entry please contact the admission department
Ph No: 0831 2471399

(10)For software related issues please send an email to For critical issues: Mr. Kiran +91 6366849292 (9AM to 5PM)


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